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We're Link Educational Institute, located in Claremont, CA. Sometimes, students need a little extra help to succeed; that's where we come in. Our team provides students with educational support through 1-1 Tutoring and Group Classes.

Empowered Learners

We understand that our students are the leaders of tomorrow, so we treat them as such. Our goal is to provide students with a challenging academic environment that empowers students to take an active part in their learning experience. 

Positive Educational Methods

Our educators are dedicated to providing Positive Education throughout the tutoring process. Emphasis is places on student's strengths, interests, and motivation to promote learning. Here at Link, there are no "average" students, only your student.

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Tutoring Services

Claremont Tutor SAT ACT English Math

Subject Tutoring

and Test Prep

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Private Academic Tutoring

We match students with the bright and dynamic tutors who empower students to become active participants in the learning process. Subjects we currently offer include:

Pre-K and Elementary Subjects

  • English

  • Reading

  • Writing

  • Math

Middle School

  • English

  • History

  • Math

  • Science

High School

  • AP Language and Composition

  • AP Literature and Composition

  • AP Statistics

  • AP Calculus AB/BC

  • AP US History

  • AP Environmental Science

  • AP Biology

  • AP Physics

  • AP Chemistry

Test Prep

  • SAT

  • SAT II Subject Test

  • ACT

  • SSAT

  • ISEE

... and more!

Homework Help 

Need assistance finishing your homework assignments? Our tutors are here to help guide you through the process and answer any questions you might have along the way. 

Essay and Research Paper Assistance

Writing a multi-page paper can seem like a daunting task- our skilled tutors will sit down with you and guide you through the process of writing an essay or research paper. Just need editing? We can help with that too!

Both Homework Help, Essay and Research Paper Assistance, and Private tutoring are held in the comfort and convenience of our facility at the Old School House in Claremont. 

Termination and Cancellation Policy

Termination and cancellation policy for tutoring located here

Ready to get started? Contact Link Educational Institute today to schedule a consultation!

Application Consulting Services

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Specializing in elementary, high school, and college admissions.

We’re here to help!

For families who need assistance managing the College or Private School application process- we're here to help!

Packages Available

Full Service College Consulting and Private School Consulting

Families who enjoy this service partner with Link to create and follow a plan that will help students become competitive applicants and complete the application process. 

We do this by helping families:

  • Find schools that align with meeting your student's goals

  • Decide which Colleges to apply to

  • Understand the College Application process

  • Choose engaging and challenging courses and extra curricular that will highlight your students ability to perform in and out of the classroom

  • Assess test readiness and prescribe preparation plans

  • Prepare for open houses/campus visits

  • Prepare to fill out applications for admissions

  • Manage application and admissions deadlines

  • Brainstorm/edit essays

  • Request/retrieve letters of recommendation

  • Prepare for interviews

  • Review application prior to submission

  • Identify appropriate financial aid and scholarship opportunities

  • College Selection Advisement


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I was looking for help for my daughter; her SAT was scheduled and she was not happy with her PSAT. I found Link on Yelp and set up a time to speak with Xander. I was impressed with his approach and his SAT-specific curriculum. Xander explained that through his program, on average, his students improve their SAT scores by 200 points. I signed up my daughter and hoped for the best. My daughter was very, very comfortable with their tutoring style and she really, really liked her tutors. I could see improvement in her results every step of the way. By the time her scheduled SAT came around, my daughter was confident and ready. True to Xander’s word, her score improved 200 points as compared to her PSAT. Link offers many services, including college application help, and I am sure to turn to them when that time comes.
— Doug S.
We had the best guidance from Link, not only for college prep, but also for help in AP/IB tutoring. We couldn’t recommend them more! Our son had a great connection with Xander and he immensely helped us navigate the college application process. Being guided with the best advice was invaluable. We had been through the process with our older son, but still had questions about how best to accomplish the numerous requirements. Xander had so many helpful suggestions and his knowledge about how to proceed down the path lifted the burden off of us. He gave us one suggestion that in itself, made our entire payment to Link worth every penny. Our son was admitted to all four schools he applied to, even his stretch school!
— Michelle M.
My child had approximately 14 hours of content-specific tutoring (not including several practice SSATs along the way that measured his progress) as well as 4 hours of prep for his high school interview with Xander in the period from October 2016- January 2017. All I can say is that everything about Link Educational Institute is amazing. The tutors knew how to work with my child, his learning style and how to motivate him and boost his self-confidence. Additionally it was really convenient to schedule additional hours even with really short notice. It paid off with dividends in my child’s SSAT score. Xander himself is extremely knowledgeable, experienced and quickly figured out how to mentor my child and helped him put his best foot forward in his interview. I am an extremely demanding customer-being a university professor myself-and I was completely satisfied with my child’s experience at the Link Educational Institute. I highly recommend it.
— Katherine M.