Three Small Questions to Ask When Starting Your College Search

Grab a cup of tea and engage in some reflection :) 

Grab a cup of tea and engage in some reflection :) 

Hi friends!

Today, let's talk about three thing to consider before applying to college. It can be really tempting for your student to jump into the college application process by going to Google and researching their fingers off.

Before they do any of that-- we highly recommend your student addresses these questions (with your help, of course!)

1: Do I want to go to college? 

Decide if you actually want to go to college. How does this align with your mission/vision for your life? How will college help you reach your goals?

2: How am I going to pay for this?

Decide how you want to approach financing your college search/college education. How much will your search/education cost? How will you pay for this?

3. What do I value? What do I care about?

Decide what you value in a school. Do you value community? Diversity? Small classroom sizes? 

Now that you have the answers to these questions, now you can confidently move into researching schools that align with my mission/vision and budget.

Often times, we find that students who are unhappy with their college experience attribute their feelings to unmet expectations or financial hardship. By reflecting the three questions above, we hope that your family will be able to embark on a more intentional college search process.