Hey Friends,

I can't believe we're one week away from May. Where did the time go? Between AP and IB exams, midterms, and SAT's, there is so much to prepare and study for. Regardless what your schedule looks like, I do want to encourage you all to do one simple task: pay attention to the world around you, and appreciate the present moment for what it is. This is called mindlfulness, and can be defined as the following:

Mindfulness means paying attention with the senses, in the body—feeling, touching, seeing, hearing, and tasting. Sensing always happens within the body and in the present moment (you can’t feel something in your thoughts, or in the past or future), so this tuning in to sensing helps to bring us into the reality of here and now. Sensing mindfully thus creates a space where we can experience what is happening, rather than what we think should happen or what has already happened. It’s a chance to practice resting the analytical mind that habitually searches for solutions, even when none is available.

Practicing mindfulness as simple as watching your breath. Another great way to practice mindfulness is to be fully present as you pour a cup of tea- this article will guide you step by step on how to practice this small act of self-care. In addition to mindful breathing there are several tools out there to help us promote self-care. Remember that these techniques can be personalized to help us become mindful life-long learners.

What do you do to practice self care?


Image Source: https://static.pexels.com/photos/227670/pexels-photo-227670.jpeg