Preparing for College: Freshman Year Pt. 3

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This post is part two of "Preparing for College: Freshman Year." Read part 1 and part 2 here.

This your opportunity to get involved. Find some extracurricular activities you feel like are fun yet productive towards your goals. A well formulated resume shows that you are making an impact on you high school community in some way outside of the classroom. Find something your can do after school and try to become part of their executive board or planning committee.

Yes, school clubs and organizations are a great to communicate this to college admissions officers, however, that’s not the only way. Look for opportunities in your community to help others or show your interest in a certain subject. Into animals? Volunteer at a local animal shelter! Want to become a teacher? Help out an after school program! These activities can also lead to great connections you can leverage in the future for recommendation letters.

Your guidance counselor is an important part of your high school career. This relationship can help in so many ways. They can help make the path towards success clearer and more defined for your specific institution. Maybe your school has a top Speech and Debate program. They would know best as they have often been working there for several years. 

Stay tuned for part 4 of "Preparing for College: Freshman Year"