Preparing for College: Freshman Year of High School

Link Educational Institute, Tutors in Claremont, CA.

Link Educational Institute, Tutors in Claremont, CA.

Let’s face it, applying for college is intimidating. So I have come up with a simple formula to make it easier for folks to navigate the process. Additionally, this guide will go year by year into what students should do in order to make the college application process simpler and painless.

The formula is as follows:

GPA + Test Scores + Resume = College

So, for example, in order to get into a great college you will need a great GPA, great test scores, and a great resume. Yes, there are other things that you are required to do such as essays and letters of recommendation (I’ll go over this in future blogs), but the basics are those three areas stated above.

If you’re reading this, I imagine that either you or your student are heading into your freshman year of high school and wondering what you should do during this time to advance your goal of getting into a quality school. So listen up…

Your freshman year should be used to get comfortable with your new surroundings and set yourself up for success in the long run. Focus on the GPA and Resume aspect of our equation.

Next Time in our "Preparing for College: Freshman Year of High School" series, GPA. 

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